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Study: Employees Value Transparency, Development the Most

Study: Employees Value Transparency, Development the Most

A new survey conducted by communication training and leadership development company Fierce, Inc. finds that employees place the most value on corporate transparency and their ability to develop within the business.


The survey, which garnered responses from hundreds of employees in finance and a number of other industries, showed that nearly half of respondents said they felt their company's "best practices" were actually hindering their ability to successfully complete their tasks.

A lack of company transparency and not enough involvement in overall business decisions were the two main areas where employees felt the best practices were falling short.

"These widely accepted practices are not only ineffective, they are costing our companies billions of dollars, driving away our most valuable employees and customers, limiting performance, and stalling careers," Halley Bock, CEO of Fierce, Inc., said in a release. "This survey should encourage managers to question the practices in place, and actively engage their staff in creating new policies that are geared more toward transparency and employee empowerment."

In addition to employee development and corporate transparency, a number of other recent studies have found incentives programs and the opportunity to advance are also key to employees' perception of the company.


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Malak Kazan
Title: VP, Special Projects
Company: ERI Economic Research Institute
(VP, Special Projects, ERI Economic Research Institute) |

I would add the glue to reinforcing the above mentioned characteristics of a positive work environment is the "performance manager". The effectiveness of performance managers is the primary reason an employee stays with a company. Every have a "boss" that did all the things on Tim's "what employees hate" list?

Tim Williams
Title: CFO
Company: Private
(CFO, Private) |

What Employees Hate. It is just as important to note what employees hate the most. In my experience I offer the following for what employees do not like the most:
1.Not being recognized for success, this can be kind words or can be in actions. A small raise as opposed to no raise sends a positive message. Hard work with results and no recognition effect motivation.
2. Lack of professional respect- if someone is good at their job and has proven it, when potential issues comes up do not immediately blame your employee. They have earned the benefit of the doubt so give it to them.
3. Not knowing their value- employees need to understand how their efforts contribute to the success of the company
4. Lack of flexibility in policies- people that work hard and show commitment to the company expect flexibility in needing to deal with personal issues.
5. Lack of consistency- people like to know what to expect. Constant changes in what is expected and how you deal with employees just creates an unproductive work environment.
6. No fun- workers are human beings and there needs to be a degree of levity allowed, without it, people can't be themselves and people who enjoy their jobs are more productive.

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