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Study: Internal network changes cause for concern

Study: Internal network changes cause for concern


In this age, technology affects nearly every sector possible, especially those that primarily rely on computer findings, such as the corporate accounting community. Consequently, worries about security are a major concern. But due to advanced protective measures, it has become evident that internal changes to a network's security features by a company's IT department can present more of a risk than external malicious threats.

AlgoSec recently released The State of Network Security 2012: Attitudes and Opinions survey, revealing that over half of security executives believe system failures often come from unscheduled out-of-process changes to security features, as opposed to a cyber attack.

Most respondents to the survey cite employee error as the greatest risks for enterprise security. Almost 29 percent said a lack of visibility into network application posed the biggest problem to a business' network, while 27.5 percent believed the largest risk is insider threats. Less than 20 percent thought hackers were the biggest concern a firm should have.

The report found that many companies have implemented a next-generation firewall in the hope of preventing attacks, but Computerworld explained that 16 percent actually felt less secure after firewall adoption because of the policy changes doing so would require.