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Study: IT spending increasing in 2012

Study: IT spending increasing in 2012

America's slow climb out of the recession has greatly affected IT spending worldwide, a new Gartner study has shown. As more technologies, platforms and programs become available to businesses, owners have begun to spend more on information technology annually, greatly affecting corporate finance.

The 2012 IT Spending Outlook found that, though Gartner's predicted spending for the year has decreased, the worldwide figure devoted to IT spending is still 2.5 percent more than the 2011 number. Companies around the globe are on track to spend $3.7 trillion on new technologies.

Companies based out of the U.S. will see a larger rate of IT growth in 2012, Gartner analysts believe. American firms are slated to devote an additional 5.2 percent of their budgets to IT spending, in comparison to the 2011 figure. Gartner's original prediction for American companies was 4.6 percent.

The decrease in the estimated spending rate is due to the improved strength of the American dollar in relation to international currencies. ZDNet explained that an increase in inflation for the American dollar would result in more Euros and Yen after converting from the dollar, so multinational companies would have more to invest in IT.

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