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Survey: Financial Markets in Sweden Show Improvement

Survey: Financial Markets in Sweden Show Improvement

Financial markets in Sweden are performing better than they were at the end of last year, largely due to "extensive" lending by the European Central Bank, according to a new survey from Riksbank.

Bloomberg reports the survey from the Stockholm-based central bank was conducted between March and April. In December and February, the European Central Bank lent 1.02 trillion euros to help settle financial markets.

The majority of the respondents said that the functioning of Swedish markets will likely remain status quo over the next six months as debt concerns will continue to plague a number of euro zone countries. As a result, the respondents generally said that their amount of risk-taking would remain basically the same over the next six months as well.

The survey showing financial markets in Sweden are, as a whole, showing signs of improvement, comes as the CFO of Swedbank said recently that Swedish banks should not be concerned about potential impending downgrades from Moody's. Bloomberg reported the finance chief called Moody's "backward looking" and emphasized that banks should not put too much stock into what the ratings service decides.