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Survey Results Mixed on IT Spending Authorization

Survey Results Mixed on IT Spending Authorization

While there is no debate surrounding the fact that chief financial officers have taken on more strategical responsibilities out of necessity, it appears as though there is not as much agreement between CIOs and CFOs when it comes to authorizing IT spending.

According to a recent post, there have been conflicting surveys recently regarding which executive truly has the power to authorize spending in the IT department.

The publication cites its own annual survey, which found that 57 percent of CIOs said they authorize such moves, as well as recent Gartner study which reported only 5 percent of CIOs can make such decisions.

The post follows a recent Forbes column written by Shami Khorana - president of HCL Americas - who suggested that chief information officers need to reinvent themselves in order to continue to be kept in the loop.

Khorana explains that a successful CIO will align the company's IT strategy with the overall business and financial strategy of the company, meaning the CFO and CIO must work together to ensure that the units are on the same page.