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Survey Reveals Most Trusted Corporations

Television service companies were at the bottom of the "most trusted" list.

Consumers' perception of a company can have myriad effects on the corporation - from share values to revenues - so CFOs and leaders may want to consider their reputation when strategizing for improved market performance.

A recent study from Temkin Group shows that just eight among 143 large U.S. companies have gained "very strong" trust levels among the 6,000 consumers surveyed.

"In some industries, like TV service and Internet service, the lack of trust is a pervasive problem. Without trust, those companies will find it nearly impossible to build lasting relationships with customers," the researchers noted.

Airlines, credit card issuers, banks, health plans, insurance providers, investment firms and wireless carriers were among the sectors covered in the report. Retailers and investment firms earned the highest scores when it comes to consumer trust, while TV service and internet service providers bottomed out the list with "very weak" rankings.

In addition to public perception of a company, board members should also address their internal operations, particularly when it comes to corporate governance. A separate study from research firm GMI listed the 10 riskiest companies that investors and stakeholders should be aware of. Companies that are challenged by preserving transparency when it comes to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, as well as accounting visibility, may be inadvertently inviting more risk.