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Taking IT training to the next level

Taking IT training to the next level

As technology continues to be developed and released for enterprise use, businesses are constantly expanding employees' knowledge bases. As an informed employee will be able to more accurately and efficiently cover crucial business tasks, new forms of training and development increasingly become commonplace.

Computerworld recently reported that one software developer, FreeCause, has made JavaScript training mandatory for all employees because of the necessity of coding in the workplace. The firm also believed that having all employees trained on the techniques could provide a more group-oriented culture in the company.

"I felt it would only raise the level of intelligent dialogue and improve collaboration between the various teams within the company," Mike Jaconi, CEO of the firm, explained to the news provider. "Our employees' livelihood is based on a complex technology. We wanted them to know more about the technology our customers are touching. Our 'codinization' program was important for both client dialogue and cross-departmental communication."

Training and development of employees can yield several benefits for companies, including improved retention rates. The American Society for Training and Development reported this summer that many employees actually desire development opportunities more so than pay raises.