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Tatum Survey: Business Conditions Continue to Improve

Tatum Survey: Business Conditions Continue to Improve

The most recent edition of the Business Conditions survey conducted by Tatum found that those holding executive jobs in the U.S. such as chief financial officers continue to see improvement in the economy.

According to the survey, which elicited responses from executives at small- to mid-sized companies around the country, the overall feeling is one of "cautious optimism," which Tatum calls an improvement over recent negative outlooks.

"We have seen this pattern before when business conditions start to improve following many months of soft conditions: It takes a while for business leaders to gain confidence that what they are experiencing is for real and sustainable," Tatum senior partner Sam Norwood told CFOWorld. "So, we enter 2012 on a positive note, and we characterize the near-term outlook as one of cautious optimism."

The survey also broke up its results by region and industry, finding that business conditions were seen as the strongest in the Southwest and weakest in the Southeast, while the wholesale and service industry led the way. While manufacturing and processing were among the weakest, recent reports suggest manufacturing activity is beginning to pick up across the country.