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Tendril CFO Values Transparency in Job Candidates

Tendril CFO Values Transparency in Job Candidates

In a recent interview with IDG News Service, the CFO of SaaS provider Tendril Connect noted that he encourages idea sharing and seeks honesty and openness among his employees.

David Rayner, who has held the title for four months and directly oversees approximately 12 workers, told the publication that he likes to be kept in the loop, particularly when problems arise within the company.

"I really don't like surprises," Rayner explained. "That's one of the first things I tell people who are working for me. If something is going off the tracks, I want to know about it so that we can take action. Positive surprises are OK, but that's not typically what happens."

When it comes to interviewing job candidates, Rayner notes that he prefers hiring individuals who can challenge his line of thinking. While technical skills are obviously a prerequisite, Rayner adds that applicants should demonstrate a personality that would fit into the company culture.

The CFO is not alone in this line of thinking as a recent Accountemps survey found 79 percent of finance chiefs felt a sense of humor was important for candidates to fit into the corporate culture.