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Throwing Old Phones Away is a Bad Idea

Throwing Old Phones Away is a Bad Idea

When phones break or simply outlive their functionality, many individuals with executive jobs have no problem springing for the newest technology available in order to provide simplified access to company data, take advantage of the latest applications or protect the information stored. But what will become of their old devices? Many opt to sell their former phone back to the provider for a small fee that can be put towards the cost of the upgrade, while others simply throw it in the trash. Neither one of these options is a good idea, experts believe.

In his latest column for MSNBC, consumer advocate Herb Weisbaum explained those who tap into business information on their phones should seriously consider following secure disposal best practices for their phone when it is no longer going to be used. Even after the memory has been wiped, not all information will disappear.

Weisbaum reported McAfee identity theft expert Robert Siciliano bought 30 old devices online and was able to pull former owner information from more than half of them, though the sellers thought they had erased all data.

This information may be especially important to educate employees about, as a large amount of devices commonly use a company's network whether they have been cleared to or not. According to a recent SANS survey, only 9 percent of business leaders said they were fully aware of all of the devices that are accessing corporate networks and data.