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Top Mobile Applications Businesses Should Consider

Top Mobile Applications Businesses Should Consider

People with executive jobs look to their smartphones and tablets for much more than email access and voice calls. Many of these leaders use mobile applications in their daily lives, from playing Angry Birds on their commute to checking subway maps to make sure they're on the right train in the first place. 

There are run-of-the-mill applications that all individuals who plan to use a wireless device for work may need, like Adobe's PDF reader or Microsoft Office's app line. There are other, maybe lesser known programs that would benefit a business professional greatly. Though the app stores that can be accessed differ based on the device's operating system, there are certain programs available across nearly all systems that company leaders may want to consider investing in.

1.) Hootsuite

Most businesses require a social media presence in order to stay afloat these days. Hootsuite, may be of particular interest to those who are involved with marketing for a company. According to TechRadar, the app allows users to access the different social media accounts of a firm on one interface. Individuals can use the tool to post or make updates to multiple forums at once.

2.) Bump

Cultivating relationships with other owners, manufacturers and consumers is something executives do on a regular basis to expand the reach of their company. PC World reported this application can be used to exchange contact information with other people in their field simply by holding a smartphone close to the other individual's device. Bump is also useful because it saves the data to the cloud, so even if a phone is lost or stolen, the person can still be contacted.

3.) Expensify

Traveling is often required for higher-ups in a company to spread the firm's products to other markets. Many of these people rely on corporate finance accounts while in another locale, though the process of keeping track of transactions can be confusing or particularly difficult if receipts are lost or held in a container that is stolen. With that in mind, Expensify was created.

CNN Money explained that the program logs important information- mileage, the date the expense was incurred, the amount spent in varying currencies and a personal comment section. The device then takes a picture of the receipt and stores the information until it can be uploaded.

4.) Scatterslides

Company leaders in any sector are often required to give presentations on factors including finances, sales and performance capabilities, among others. Scatterslides could be of use to people who need to make create, run or make adjustments to a presentation they are required to give. The app, according to PC World, uses Wi-Fi to stream the project to larger displays, can make the phone the remote control that controls the slideshow and can import animations, audio and video graphics.

5.) ServerUp

Executives are often concerned with a number of elements that affect business. For those that focus on a company's IT department, they must often monitor the business' network. This task could potentially be made easier by using the ServerUp mobile application, which PC World detailed will tell the user of any issues plaguing the system anytime they have scheduled an update. Multiple functions enable the viewing of the statuses of various hosts and ports, which can be remote enabled or disabled via the program.

6.) LogMeIn

LogMeIn could be instrumental for a worker who is traveling or in the office and left an important document on his or her home computer. According to AlternativeTo, a software review website, users of the mobile application can tap into their access-enabled PC or Mac to remotely transfer documents, open audio files and print to a local machine.

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