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Top Ten Mobile Business Applications

New Mobile Applications, Devices to Help Enterprise Operations

The consumerization of information technology (IT) has brought with it many challenges for those with executive jobs, as well as many potential benefits for both employees and employers. As Apple and Google continue to battle for the top market share for operating systems (OS), the options continue to propagate for enterprises.

While security should be a focal point for any business deploying bring your own device (BYOD), it is dangerous to only look at the threats, as it is easy to miss out on the potential benefits. By creating a comprehensive BYOD policy, employers can experience substantial savings by way of operational and equipment expenditures.

Helpful apps for productivity and more
Computerworld recently listed 10 of the most popular applications for business use, focusing on those that aid financial record keeping. According to the news provider, two apps - Expenditure for iOS and Cashbook Expense Tracker for Android - are very helpful for tracking purchases, spending trends and more.

Android's Cashbook Expense Tracker can actually use GPS in the phone to determine how far the user has traveled, how much time has elapsed, and automatically calculate the spending trends from different trips or per various distances.

Apple's iOS 6 now has an app called FreshBooks Cloud Accounting that is specifically geared toward small business owners. Computerworld explained that this helps manage expenses, invoices, log hours, projects, invoices and more, allowing the mobile small business owner to keep all information up-to-date and tracked at the palm of her hand.

Finally, there is the Android Hello Expense, which is a free piece of software that helps track expenses in a more plain and simple manner. Following the initial setup, the news provider noted that this is an intuitive and quick app.

Apple apologies for fault
Apple's CEO Tim Cook recently came out and apologized for the new iPhone 5's lackluster maps application through a letter to the company's customers. According to Cook, the company will be working to improve upon the software, though the company is heavily reliant on its customers using the application to further refine its capabilities.

Regardless of the controversy over the iPhone's Maps capabilities, the device has been purchased in record numbers, illustrating the need for BYOD support in the enterprise. Though a commitment to supporting the devices, businesses can avoid headaches and boost productivity among employees.

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