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Proformative Learning: Transforming Employee Development for the Office of the CFO

Stay certified with Proformative

Today Proformative is proud to launch Proformative . Proformative is a centralized platform providing on-demand courses, practitioner-delivered instruction, continuing professional education credits, and program measurement tools for corporate finance professionals and those who suppor their professional development. With Proformative’s highly focused functional training and tools, finance leaders from companies of all sizes can now address skills-gaps to develop deeper knowledge, broader capabilities and increased productivity within and across their teams.

We created the Proformative learning platform to address a massive professional development gap within the office of the CFO,” said Proformative CEO and co-founder John Kogan. “Historically, employee development programs for finance have been driven by employees and managers relying on disparate, inefficient and inflexible learning resources—most of which were delivered ‘live’ and required travel and great expense. Proformative integrates practical professional education and tools into a single online, on-demand platform that delivers precisely what finance leaders and their teams need:  accessible, cost-effective, high-caliber education and skills building—all of which leads to improved productivity now and better career advancement options down the road.

Proformative provides finance, treasury, accounting and related professionals with immediate access to collaborative learning tools and, at launch, more than 120 courses in a range of categories, including technical finance and accounting, compliance, risk management, leadership, career development, technology and more. All courses and tools are accessible on-demand via smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. Each course, taught by top industry practitioners with decades of experience, is subject to peer-based reviews and ratings to ensure the highest quality curriculum possible.

 Proformative’s learning features and benefits include:

-Collaborative tools and functionally-specific curriculum enabling individuals, employees and managers to sculpt customized development programs and      track, manage and report progress.

-Practical, highly focused topics developed and taught by experienced practitioners and subject matter experts. Students can ask questions and interact  with their instructors, even after course completion.

-Chapter-based, one-hour courses enabling learners to consume instructional content on their own schedule and pace. Tracking tools allow users to stop,  start and review content at any time.

-Easily-managed CPA, CTP, CMA, CIA and other credits to meet professional certification requirements.

-Courses can be purchased a-la-carte or as part of monthly or annual subscriptions with unlimited access to all courses. Corporate license agreements are  available for multiple users within a company.

We encourage everyone to check out the great PFA courses taught by experienced finance practitioners, and renowned subject matter experts, and discover how Proformative redefines the realm of professional development for corporate finance professionals. 

You can take your first course for free: use discount code PFNL up until October 31.