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United Airlines CFO Touts Benefits of Uniform Fleet

United Airlines CFO Touts Benefits of Uniform Fleet

With United Airlines gearing up to make a major aircraft purchase, the company's CFO is pushing to mostly buy the planes from one manufacturer, a move that he believes would be beneficial in the long run.

In an interview with Reuters, CFO John Rainey reportedly did not comment on the details of the impending deal, but emphasized that purchasing from a single manufacturer could reduce maintenance costs and limit schedule disruptions.

"It helps from a maintenance perspective. It helps from a scheduling perspective," the finance chief told the media outlet.

According to Reuters, sources say the deal will likely be for 100 Boeing 737 narrowbody jets worth up to $10 billion overall. However, some industry analysts had reportedly speculated that the order could be split between Airbus and Boeing.

The expected aircraft purchase comes as United recently announced traffic rose 0.9 percent in April, largely due to a significant traffic increase in Asia, according to The Associated Press.