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US Investors Determined to Maintain Portfolio Performance

Investors say they are determined to see their portfolios improve.

Good news for the finance community: Despite the downturned economy, many investors are determined to continue investing, even if it means re-aligning their goals in the face of a new economic reality.

The 2012 Rebuilding Investor Trust study from Northstar Research Partners and brand engagement firm Sullivan found that roughly half of the investors surveyed - those with at least $100,000 of investable assets - are optimistic about the performance of their portfolios over the next two years, despite 57 percent reporting that their portfolios are worth less than at the start of the 2008 recession. Expressing a "take charge" attitude, most investors said that they have more influence on the performance of their portfolios than any external party, though interestingly, the percentage of those directing their own investments - rather than using an investment adviser - dropped from 28 percent last year to 18 percent.

The new analysis of affluent investor attitudes supports a 2009 study from Vanguard that found most U.S. investors had no plans to significantly change their investing strategies following the market collapse of 2008. According to that research, roughly 60 percent of investors made no changes, 21 percent reduced their stock holdings and 17 percent made larger investments.