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Using an elevator pitch to climb the corporate ladder

Perfecting the elevator pitch

Perhaps the most important tool that all job candidates, entrepreneurs and professionals need to have at their disposal is the elevator pitch, as this can help make a strong first impression and eventually lead to more substantial success within a company.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, one of the major portions of the elevator pitch involves describing oneself succinctly, and specifically in five words or less. Using a unique title to describe one's line of work in less than one sentence can be particularly useful, as this conveys to the audience exactly what they need to know in a brief manner.

The elevator pitch is so important because it truly is the first - and potentially last - chance to make an impression on a potential contact, client or employer, meaning you'll want to come off sounding poised and confident.

In this same vein, it can help a person during a period of career transition to advance themselves and discover new opportunities.

As such, it is important to captivate one's audience and get them to want to hear more, and one of the best ways to do this is to go into the pitch knowing the person you will be speaking to and exactly how you can help them, according to