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Utilizing the Help of a Mentor to Get You to the C-Suite

Utilizing the Help of a Mentor to Get You to the C-Suite

Working as an accounting manager can have a number of benefits, as this position can potentially lead to new, greater opportunities within a specific company down the line.

This is not a given, however, and those with aspirations of someday becoming an executive at a company should take advantage of the advice and guidance a mentor can offer.

According to, Katy Murray, CFO of Taleo Corp., received her first CFO offer from i2 Technologies, a supply chain management software maker, in January 2004. At the company, Murray had only been serving as principal accounting officer for one year when she was offered the position.

Murray explained that by making sure she did things the way she was taught by the audit committee chairman, she was able to build a trust that ultimately catapulted her into the C-suite.

"I think to some degree, because he had gone through his own challenges, with re-audits and restatements, he believed that I was above board in that everything had to be done a certain way," Murray told the publication.

This mentoring role should go both ways, however, as people like Murray who become appointed to CFO positions should make themselves available to less experienced workers looking for their own guidance.