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Wave Software CFO Prioritizes Flexibility When Hiring

Wave Software CFO Prioritizes Flexibility When Hiring

In a recent interview with IDG News, the chief financial officer of data analysis company Wave Software said that one of the most important things he looks for in prospective employees is flexibility.

According to CFO Walter Wiley, a graduate of Salisbury University in Maryland, Wave Software's business model requires staff members to adapt to their clients, meaning the job does not necessarily fit the traditional career mold.

"They have to be in a place in their career where they're looking to sign on for a vision and not just a job," Wiley explained. "It's not a 9 to 5 - if a client needs us to work on a Sunday, we have to work. It's a very exciting and fast-paced environment and that's not always what people are looking for."

Because of this, Wiley told the news source that he often uses unorthodox interview tactics in order to discover if the candidate will truly fit into the fast-paced corporate environment. He stresses that job seekers looking for new challenges are often the perfect fits, as they will likely jump right in and ask questions to better the business as a whole.

According to the company's website, a number of Fortune 100 companies and government agencies currently use Wave Software's products. The small company employs only 15 people.  


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This article was very good. Many times we close ourselves in the "traditional box" when seeking employment and end up being left out in the cold too long. Flexibility is key amongst other things.