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Well Trained Professionals Provide Best Security

Well Trained Professionals Provide Best Security

After security breaches are publicized, many companies begin questioning their own protection procedures and employees in charge of the process. In a number of industries, such as the finance community, security is of the utmost importance, as an issue could cause undue hardships for the company and its clients.

According to Computerworld, many companies decided to take a harder look at their tech teams and what they are doing to prevent cyberattacks following the iCloud hack that victimized a Wired Magazine reporter. The incident called into question protection procedures regarding password resets. Because of the difficult economic times, Computerworld noted, many companies have a hiring freeze or are laying off some employees, requiring an internal rotation of responsibilities that can place security measures in peril.

ComputerWorld reported that, even with limited resources, those with executive positions on the security team of a company should always make sure their staff has at least basic knowledge. If that is not the case, the source suggested investing in training programs.

This issue is of particular importance as many businesses are making the switch to cloud computing. Because the very nature of this process places company data in the hands of a third-party provider, ZDNet explained, many companies have had to adopt alternative policies to ensure protection while not compromising virtualization and visibility.

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