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What to do With Worn-out Tech Gear?

What to do With Worn-out Tech Gear?

Leaders with executive jobs know that almost everything at a company needs to be upgraded at some point - computers, software, virus protection and many other elements that enable business continuity. However, that means that the old must be cleared in order to make way for the new. When faced with the prospect of doing some spring cleaning at the office, where should hardware be thrown out?

According to Computerworld, the worst thing any leader can do is to adopt a policy of throwing old devices in the trash, because it can pose environmental issues, leave data vulnerable and even be considered illegal. The source said to check with community or federal organizations, such as the local Department of Public Works, on regulations governing disposal in the area.

Companies can also drop off their old goods at retail locations, such as a Best Buy or Staples, or the manufacturer which might be able to offer coupons or gift cards, depending on the condition of the device, Computerworld detailed. Other options include donation and selling it online.

However, CNET warned that all employees who have accessed company data on their device need to take the proper steps to ensure the hard drive is wiped before disposal. The source said that even if files are deleted, that is often not enough. The source suggested either demagnetizing the drive or using a data shredder program to ensure safety.