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What is the ROI of Budgeting Software?

What is the ROI of Budgeting Software?

For many of us in finance, the annual budget cycle is a major headache. What if we could go out and buy software that would make that headache go away? If software could make budgeting painless, most of us would have replaced our spreadsheets by now. Like aspirin, software designed to streamline the budgeting process can reduce the pain, but it will never transform budgeting into an activity that adds significant value throughout the year.

The research indicates that replacing spreadsheets with a budgeting-only software solution is NOT LIKELY to generate positive ROI. However, certain companies replacing spreadsheets with budgeting and planning software solutions do experience positive ROIs. Planning activities include: annual budgeting, reporting, forecasting, and Agile Planning.

Key Finding: In order to assess the potential ROI of replacing spreadsheets with a dedicated planning solution, your company must first define where it is on the Planning Maturity Curve: a framework for measuring the ROI of each financial planning activity.

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