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Windows Vista Users Must Take Care

Windows Vista Users Must Take Care

Windows operating systems are some of the most widely-used interfaces in the world, from people using the platform for personal use to business professionals in the finance community completing all of their company tasks using the technology. However, a recent study found, the number of infections plaguing Windows Vista is rapidly increasing.

Microsoft data found in late 2011, the first service pack of Vista was 17 percent more likely to be infected by viruses than the last pack released that coincides to the 11-year-old Windows XP, ComputerWorld reported. According to the source, this is the opposite of the usual trend that the newer Windows releases are more secure than older ones.

This issue can be attributed to a glitch in the service pack that prohibits automatic security updates, ComputerWorld detailed, so the second service pack for Vista, released before the information on SP1 came out, did not receive fixes to the flaws. The source reported SP2 offerings will continue to be patched up until April 2017. 

Despite the relative frequency of issues, Microsoft still continues to see high adoption rates of the Windows platforms. The American Foreign Press reported recently Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer said if trends continue, an estimated 500 million people will be using Windows 8 by 2013.