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Without Planning, Social Media Carries Risks

CFOs are advised against investing too heavily in social media without first

While many CFOs may want to dive headfirst into social media, a more comprehensive and balanced approach can avoid an increasingly common issue, now known as social fatigue.

In a recent interview with technology news provider ZDNet, Appirio CEO Chris Barbin explained that his organization initially got caught up in social media when it was first introduced to's Chatter. So he connected all employees, rushing to get his organization in on the enterprise advantages of social media everyone was talking about.

However, his organization overdid social media, and change was needed.

"We reimplemented Chatter. We had everyone following everybody and it created too much noise. It was too loud. We had to go back and educate the company on who to follow and what groups are appropriate," Barbin told ZDNet.

With this lesson learned, Barbin advised businesses to keep their goals in mind before making the move to social media.

"My advice is that you can’t do social just for social," said Barbin.

According to Gartner, social media is up there with cloud computing and enterprise mobility in the top three goals in IT for the next few years. Similar to any other enterprise technology, though, full preparation needs to be made before implementation.

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