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Finding a Finance Chief position ...

Some time ago I had a Linkedin connection email me with this question ...

Are there REALLY any good job boards for senior finance executives?

And then, Matt Bud, the Executive Director of FENG, posted a great editorial in his newsletter  entitled “The Easy Button” ... and that visual propelled me to finally write this post.

The Hi-Tech CFO

Like it or not, there is a new brand of Chief Financial Officer on the rise.  

In the fall of 2012, I talked about the evolution of the CFO in a Proformative webinar, saying ...

Things CFOs Hate ... About Recruiters

A couple times a year I meet up with one of my local recruiter colleagues to wax philosophical about our industry. Such was the case recently.

One of the questions he threw out at me was, "So what are the biggest complaints your clients have about recruiters?"  Whoa … where to begin?!

What's Your Purple?

A Harvard Business Review blog post suggested job search candidates should be weird today in order to stand out from the competition. Maybe it’s a Harvard thing to be weird, or perhaps just a college thing.  

Branded CFOs ...

The branded Finance Chief is also the Chief Financial Officer who stands out from the competition with a track record of delivering value in a way that triggers an emotional connection with the buyer (prospective company).

Finance Chief Job Loss

John Kogan, CEO of Proformative, relayed a heart-breaking, and all-too-common story in a past post.

Unemployed Discrimination

Following up on a previous post, I found this link I had bookmarked to an ERE

The Technology CFO

Like it or not, this new brand of Chief Financial Officer is on the rise.

In September of 2012, I talked about the evolution of the CFO in a Proformative webinar, saying ...

It’s Tough for the Unemployed

Losing your job before you have secured another job just makes the difficult job search process that much harder.

Lies and Resumes - A Lethal Combination

Lies, even teeny tiny exaggerations, on resumes are never a good thing. In fact, the combination is almost always a recipe for disaster ... eventually.