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3 Key Predictions for 2019 for FP&A

2019 will be turbulent. Investment in FP&A technology will increase, but it's not going to be in AI or block-chain, it will be more focused in getting the underlying finance infrastructure fixed.

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Finance

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now becoming a reality in Finance.  Silicon Valley companies are spending billions on making AI more intelligent than humans.  AI is already impacting our everyday lives – through the adverts we see on Facebook, the shows selected for us on Netflix to the Google automated assistant being able to book meetings for us.

Liberate your FP&A teams with Automated Integrated Financial Dashboards

Its mind numbing and frustrating being on the month end treadmill of financial reporting. Creating those 98 page monthly review decks where you only have enough time to validate numbers let alone do any financial analysis.

Research: Successful CFO’s empower FP&A teams to be more strategic

The survey found that the rapidly changing landscape has forced change at the C-suite in FP&A. To be successful and keep up with the rate of change, they need their FP&A teams to step out of the data collection and validation and play a larger more strategic, customer facing role.

FP&A Empowerment Survey 2017: The Evolution of Technology & Trends

We've done a number of Proformative webinars on FP&A, most recently on May 8th. One of our expert speakers, James Myers has just launched the FP&A Empowerment Survey and would love to capture your responses to drive as much insight as possible. Please see the below!