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Revenue Per Employee - Does it Tell the Whole Story

Revenue Per Employee Benchmarks

Working Capital - Less is Often More

Working Capital

Don't Hide Mistakes, Especially the Funny Ones

In recent weeks I have been thinking about humility and its role in effective business leadership. Being open about our weaknesses and recognizing and reminding others that we don't know everything seems counter-intuitive to many, yet it is often one of the main difference-makers between effective and ineffective leadership.

How Much Working Capital Do You Need?

When the bank asks why you need that high of a limit on your line of credit, or when you want to do a little scenario planning to make sure you'll have enough resources to handle growth, I recommend you turn to a ratio called 

The Two Laws of Social Media

In preparation for a presentation I did yesterday about why and how people should use LinkedIn more, I thought about the governing laws that drive the why and how of my participation in social media.

To MBA or Not: What is the ROI to You?


The Next $300 Billion Industry?

Crowdfunding. Here's why:

In 2011, about 1.2 million projects were successfully funded through CrowdFunding platforms, totaling about $1.5 billion.

CrowdFunding: Breaking it Down

After attending the CrowdFunding Made Simple conference on May 31st and June 1st, I have gained a new knowledge and appreciation for what has been accomplished so far by the leaders in this industry. I am amazed at the potential growth projected for its future. But more on that in another post.

Fifty Second Graders, 10 Pies, and a Rock Star


The Business Model of New Year's Resolutions