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4 things no one’s telling you about SOX compliance

The JOBS Act granted some relief from the burdens of SOX for emerging growth companies, and while any relief was most welcome, the changes brought on some confusion. And it hasn’t abated even three years later.

5 ways every CFO can mitigate cybersecurity risks

It’s time to test your current events knowledge: Which major retailer acknowledged having to spend $88 million related to a mega data breach in its most recent 10-Q, with more costs expected?

Why an underfunded finance team is risky business

In a new small company,  the focus — and funds — tend to be on the development side, where the company’s product or service gets fine-tuned for the marketplace. The finance organization as a support function is often low on the priority list.

Sizing Up the Impacts of NASDAQ’s Attempt to Close the SOX Loophole Created by JOBS Act

NASDAQ recently filed a proposed rule change with the SEC that’s seemingly aimed at SOX compliance.

Equity Compensation Accounting: Common Errors Found in Details

Equity compensation can be a significant factor in attracting and retaining talent. Lately a lot of attention is being given to effective compensation strategy, investor expectations and shareholder dilution. Philosophies have evolved and rules and regulations have changed, but one thing that remains constant is that there are often surprises in the accounting for stock awards.

Consider Your Risks in the Cloud: Don’t Be Surprised

While proving popular and chock-full of benefits, the cloud, and working in it, comes with risks. You don’t control the platform, and your company’s critical data (about employees, finances, customers, and so on) is being stored outside your premises with a third party. Even though someone else is managing your data, you are still responsible for what happens to it.

Update: Recent SOX Developments Send Mixed Messages

Say what you will about Sarbanes-Oxley, but most public companies have ended up with meaningful SOX results.

Companies incorporated internal controls into their normal workflow and created cost-effective programs to improve the integrity of their financial reporting. 

Keeping Pace with Your Audit Committee: Communication is Key

Audit committees are becoming more proactive in managing relationships with external auditors and in evaluating auditor performance—think quality of services, adequacy of resources and ensuring the audit firm’s independence. And recently there has been an increased focus on how audit committees manage external auditors, especially when it comes to communication.