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At Last! A Pie Chart That Actually Says Something Important!

Please! Forward this blog to every friend and colleague who cares about U.S. public policy. Consider it your civic duty to share critical information about how your tax dollars are spent! Oh, and there’s an important lesson here about data visualization.

Your Health Insurance: A Hidden Premium Increase

Every year around this time I write about health insurance. (For last year’s post on choosing health insurance, click here.)

Wells Fargo Is Trying to Fix the Wrong Problem


What Does a Bad Hire REALLY Cost?

We all know that bad hires are expensive. In fact, that’s become a cliché, and clichés don’t motivate or impress. So in this blog, let’s look at what a bad hire really costs, in actual dollars. Let’s take a look at a sales rep. The costs of a bad hire – and the savings (yes, there are some) – include:

Did You Spell "273" Correctly?

God bless Matt Bud! Matt is Chairman of The Financial Executives Networking Group (The FENG), a largely bootstrapped association of senior financial executives, which since its inception in 1991 has grown to over 50,000 members. In addition to his day job, Matt posts five blogs a week on The FENG’s website.

Comparing Clayton Kershaw with Jackson Pollock & Joan Miró

Michael Clair’s fascinating article on L.A.

Why Business Metrics Are Like 3-Point Baskets

With one game left in the Golden State Warriors’ NBA regular season, their MVP Steph Curry has a chance to score an astonishing 400 three-point field goals this season.

The Iowa Caucuses: Confronting Our Innumeracy (#2)

This second post in a short series on TV news innumeracy looks at an even more ludicrous example – the notion of “bellwether” counties.

The Iowa Caucuses: Confronting Our Innumeracy (#1)

In last night’s TV coverage of the Iowa caucuses, two words kept coming up – “winner” and “bellwether” – showing that when it comes to the real meanings of numbers as well as words, even the “experts” don’t get it.

Black Swans, Big Data, Our Intuition, and the "Birthday Paradox"

SPOILER ALERT: This post is based on a fascinating old riddle. If you want to play along, cover up all but the first paragraph below and ponder it.