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The Changing Economics of Employment

This year will be remembered as the year the economics of employment changed greatly; and the following year will be the year the impact of these changes will be absorbed by businesses.  New regulations cover areas such as minimum wage, employment practices, overtime, background checks, and employee classification, i.e. independent contractor vs. employee.

The Value of Stress Testing your Business

The act of “stress testing” banks, allows regulators to understand the effect on a bank’s economics during a severely adverse scenario, i.e.

Pay versus Performance - A Comment Letter to the SEC

Following is a letter that was forwarded to the Securities and Exchange Commission, in response to a request for comment, regarding the Pay vs. Performance proposal.

June 24, 2015


Mr. Brent J. Fields


U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

100 F. Street, N.E.

Washington, D.C. 20549-1090

The Problem with the McDonald’s Turnaround

On May 4th2015, McDonald's Corporation  announced initial steps in a turnaround plan which included the following activities – restructure the business into four segments, beginning July 1, 2015 – U.S., International Lead Markets, High Growth Markets, and Foundational Markets; refranchise 3,500 restaurants by the end of 2018; capture approximately $300

Metrics - Linking KPIs with Business Strategy

In most organizations, the accounting or finance group is responsible for assembling a series of reports after month-end and after the accounting close. The reports are assembled and distributed to senior managers to provide them with a clear understanding of the state of the business.

Growth through Mergers and Acquisitions

Companies seek growth through mergers and acquisitions to satisfy one or more of the following – adding a related product or service; expanding geographic reach; purchasing assets, i.e.

Pricing Strategy - Tips and Caveats for Discount Pricing

Discounts have their place, but more often than not, they are used incorrectly. Prior to offering a discount, controllers involved with establishing pricing strategy need to take the following steps:

Growing through Productivity Increases

Productivity is an economic concept that is discussed in the press quite often.  Increases in productivity occur when the quantity of inputs declines, to produce a measure of output.  The sub-set that is referred to quite often is labor productivity, i.e.

Business Disruption Survival Techniques

Establishing a twelve month budget/business plan and a business continuity plan are still the best ways to prepare a business for the most probable known threats. But what can you do for unanticipated shocks that negatively affect your ability to achieve your profit goals?

Who Owns the Customer, i.e. the Company or the Sales Agent?

This question was less important when the job market was in decline.  But as the economy recovers, business owners and senior managers will be faced with this question, more and more.