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Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting software is used by companies of all sizes to assist with the creation of periodic budgets and forecasts. The software is very useful for building forecasts (including budgets and long-term plans) of all varieties, utilizing a variety of inputs from potentially many constituents across the company. These forecasts can then be used for financial analysis, comparison, reporting and variance analysis as time goes by. Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting used to be the domain of Microsoft Excel, and many companies still use Excel as their primary forecasting tool. However, there has been a marked increase in systems which take the process out of excel and make it more streamlined and scalable by providing dedicated systems which are purpose-built for forecasting, analysis and reporting.

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Installing budgeting, planning and forecasting software requires a very specialized village. A roster of thorny, situation-specific details spawns thousands of decisions packed with potential for unintended consequences. Companies that try to manage implementation on their own – like defendants who hire themselves for lawyers -- often end up with advisors ill equipped for the job.
When a review of priorities says it's time to revamp the platform for budgeting, planning and forecasting, emphasis switches to choosing solutions that leverage performance in a holistic way.
Ten Questions That Add Focus to your Budgeting, Planning (BP&F) and Forecasting Processes & Programs List Products   When evaluating the quality of budgeting, p

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Melissa Rice
Title: Controller
Company: OPRS Services
(Controller at OPRS Services) I work for a private company which is having investors come in mid-month, however, the investment is really in the company that owns my company. For this reason, they want to keep track of everything at of the day of purchase and then close the month as usual. I wanted to...
Jim Timmins
Title: Managing Director
Company: Teknos Associates
(Managing Director at Teknos Associates) In the past, common stockholders had to wait for a company to complete an IPO or to be acquired in order to sell their shares.  But with the reduction in the number of IPOs and M&A events in the aftermath of the market downturns of 2000 and 2008, new sources of...
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Ryan Miller
Title: CEO
Company: Miller Manufacturing
(CEO at Miller Manufacturing) Do you have an in-house person manage/maintain the website? Or do you outsource to a contractor?
Anonymous Member
(Accounting Manager) Our private company issued a 24-month convertible note for $5M with 8% simple annual interest. The outstanding principal and accrued interest are payable at maturity date. Prepayment is not allowed without the holder's consent. Upon a qualified financing, the outstanding...
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Robert Green
Title: Cofounder & COO
Company: Amina Health
(Cofounder & COO at Amina Health) I am building a financial model for my company right now. We are a medical device company, so regulatory approvals timing has the ability to dramatically effect when cashflows are expected to occur. I want to add an assumptions tab, where I will include "Months until reg...
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Matthew Dineen
Title: Controller
Company: N/A
(Controller at N/A) Hi All - I'm a controller of a privately held business with about 400 employees. I was recently hired - the previous controller was promoted to CFO when the old CFO retired. Both of them have been here for 25+ years. We have no internal controls to speak of and I want to...