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Enterprise Resource Planning, or "ERP" systems have been around for decades. Long before the name was coined in the early 1990's. ERP systems have changed over the years and the term is used loosely to describe the systems of record for various corporate data. For instance, in the early days of ERP, the systems grew strongly around manufacturing companies. This typically meant manufacturing control capabilities including Bills of Material (BoM's), material planning, inventory management, and financial systems to track the values of all elements of the process. ERP systems have grown in the past two decades. They have also shrunk in many ways. It used to be that ERP systems were only used by massive, global manufacturers (think GM or Intel). But now they are used by companies of all sizes, in almost all industries. And the term "ERP" is now shorthand for all sorts of capability collections, such as Financials plus CRM, or Financials plus eCommerce plus logistics, in addition to more traditional uses. Seems like the core element is financials (general ledger and beyond), and that anything can be layered on these days, and delivered at prices from hundreds per month up to many millions for large installations.

Educational Articles

Long before need is inevitable, ERP implementation begins with software evaluation. Hundreds of questions will arise as installation progresses, but eight pivotal questions can launch the thought process: Is the ERP software user friendly?
As noted in "The Proformative Community Guide To ERP Selection & Implementation," to stay competitive, companies at every growth stage must continually reassess accounting and ERP programs.
Navigating a daunting ERP maze requires sound guidance. One misstep can undermine objectives and even go backwards. A familiar cautionary tale illustrates consequences. Owing to the ineffective deployment of an ERP solution, Hershey reportedly lost $100 million leading up to its pivotal Halloween candy sales season in 1999.

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Anonymous Member
(Accounting Manager) Anyone willing to share the template they use for balance sheet recons? We are a smallish start up that hasn't done them in the past. I'm hoping someone is willing to share a good template that I can tweak, vs having to create something new from scratch. Thanks!
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Brad Burgess
Title: President
Company: Spectrum Accounting, Inc.
(President at Spectrum Accounting, Inc.) In 2000, SELLER A and BUYER B went out on there own as independent lumber brokers. Each created their own corporation and together they created a partnership each owning 50%. The partnership owns the land and the building where these brokers conduct business. SELLER A’s...
Anonymous Member
(Assistant Accountant) When we buy back US Commercial Paper from investor, using fair value through P&L what will be journal entries for below. - how to account for break fee get charged for the swap (cross currency swap) - How is the interest calculate on the swap at contract break - Is...
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Cristina De Franco
Title: Owner
Company: Global Sur Financial
(Owner at Global Sur Financial) First time QBO user I created three assets to practice the entries for depreciation in QB for my service company. However, I'm not going to need them. Because of the threshold I could simply expense them. How do I delete them? Also, because I had already reconciled, it...
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Richie Wohlers
Title: Controller
Company: Vision Mechanical Services
(Controller at Vision Mechanical Services) A question I've often wondered, but never asked: why are businesses expected to pay for meals when employees travel? What is the logic involved? If I work from the office, I am either bringing my lunch or going out and buying it. So, why should the business pay just...
Anonymous Member
(Financial Manager) I work for an organization which utilizes Quickbooks (QB) desktop. Expenses are recorded on vouchers, which are sequentially numbered with a stamp. QB is very limited and has fields for a reference number and memo when entering bills. QB does check for duplicates of the...