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EtQ is the leading Enterprise Quality, Health and Safety (EHS), and Compliance Management Software for identifying, mitigating and preventing high-risk events through integration, automation and collaboration. EtQ uses best in class integrated modules and enterprise application integration to manage and measure quality, EHS, and compliance processes and execute organizational change. EtQ is the first company to provide a flexible application development technology for creating and accessing custom vertical industry applications for use with a Web-browser client. EtQ's technology powered their first vertical applications: EtQ Aviation Safety Management Software EtQ solutions for Aviation include JSA, FMEA, Crisis Management, MSDS, and more. Learn More about EtQ Aviation Safety Management. Learn More about EtQ Aviation Safety EtQ Environmental Health & Safety Software (EHS) EtQ's solutions for EHS include Incidents, Aspects, Objectives and Targets, MSDS, JSA, and more. Learn More about EtQ Environmental Health & Safety EtQ For Food & Beverage EtQ's solutions for Food and Beverage include Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), and compliance with ISO 22000, SQF, and the Global Food Safety Initiative's (GFSI) recognized schemes. Learn More about EtQ Food & Beverage EtQ Life Sciences Software EtQ's solutions for Life Sciences include eMDR, eValidator, compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, and more. Learn More about EtQ Life Sciences EtQ Manufacturing Software EtQ's solutions for Manufacturing include CAPA, Change Management and Document Control, Employee Training, and more Learn More about EtQ Manufacturing EtQ OnDemand SaaS Web Services Software EtQ OnDemand SaaS is a cost-effective solution that eliminates the need for IT overhead, and provides a high level of security and worldwide access. Customer-Focused Approach EtQ is a customer-focused company that has achieved success through a dedicated focus on understanding the requirements of our customers and responding with software products that help our customers better achieve their business goals. EtQ is focused on emerging technologies and dedicating resources to assure that EtQ software maintains compatibility with industry leading standards, such as SAP Quality Management, and best-of-breed functionality. EtQ is dedicated to continuing our customer focus to define EtQ Reliance as the market leader and our customer's preferred choice for enterprise quality systems and compliance management solutions. Flexible Workflow Platform EtQ's mission is to make Quality, Compliance and Environmental Health and Safety business process management and business communication easy and efficient. Founded in 1992 by former lead auditors of Underwriters Laboratories, EtQ has always had a unique knowledge of quality and compliance processes, and has always strived on making overall quality operations and quality systems better for businesses. The development of EtQ software came out of a growing need in the market for software that is able to automate the various business processes and workflows associated with Quality and ISO standards, such as Complaint Handling. EtQ was able to develop a platform concept that is robust enough to handle all the workflows and business rules associated with Quality Assurance, but is flexible enough to be changed as needed, without programming. EtQ pioneered this concept in 1993 and called it, "Flexible Workflow Engine" platform. It allows the process steps, form layout, fields, form sections, approvals, notifications and hundreds of other features of each compliance process to be pre-set with intelligent, condition-based decision capabilities so that the user does not have to "remember" the process. This process automation can be as open or prescriptive as is required. This feature results in up to a 400% decrease in the total cost of ownership of EtQ software over other applications.

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