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Excel4apps is a best-in-class provider of Excel-based reporting and budget-loading software for Oracle and SAP.

  • Oracle Financial Reporting Tools
  • SAP Financial Reporting Tools
Designed for finance professionals, its award-winning GL Wand, Reports Wand, Budget Wand, and Sales Wand products easily and securely deliver real-time ERP data using Microsoft Excel® to save reporting time and effort.

Excel4apps serves over 9,000 Oracle and SAP users worldwide, with offices in Australia, the United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and South Africa.

Excel4apps empowers end users in helping organizations easily and effectively manage their financial data.

By providing Excel-based solutions that seamlessly integrate with Oracle and SAP, we work hard to give thousands of users around the world the ability to produce understandable, relevant, reliable, and comparable reports and inquiries, all with minimal user effort.

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