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For more than a decade, Hedge Trackers' globally compliant financial accounting and reporting services have empowered U.S. corporations and financial institutions to effectively and confidently hedge foreign currency, interest rate, and commodity risk. Today, Hedge Trackers offers unparalleled derivative accounting capabilities, based on more than a decade of experience, and more than 250 successful implementations serving Fortune 100 to Fortune 1000 companies. No other advisory firm matches our depth and breadth of experience across industries, accounting environments and risk management challenges.

Hedge Trackers provides comprehensive, SAS 70 compliant outsourcing services for derivative accounting and hedge activity reporting. Alternately, we can empower your organization with in-house derivative accounting capabilities, utilizing our advisory services, training and technology. Hedge Trackers' Cappella Foreign Currency software is widely used internally and for clients seeking a system for compliant exposure management and reporting under FAS133/ASC 815/IAS 39.

Compliant reporting for
FAS 133 / ASC 815 / IAS 39
FAS 52 / ASC 830 / IAS 21

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