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ITIQ provides mid to large-sized businesses with reliable best-in-class managed cloud computing systems. ITIQ provides a complete team of trusted industry experts covering every area of information technology as necessary to support the broad needs of our customers. ITIQ technical and engineering staff members are highly trained experts in IT systems. They design and support world-class infrastructures used by Fortune 500 enterprises. Our technical talent coupled with years of experience allows ITIQ to provide our customers, of any size, with advanced IT capabilities that are highly robust and efficient, while remaining cost effective. ITIQ's advanced technology team can either assume the tasks of your current IT department or complement your team by managing certain aspects of your IT environment. ITIQ's highly advanced management tools can remotely monitor your corporate systems and network to ensure consistent up-time 24x7x365. ITIQ Managed IT Services are designed for the most demanding corporate environments. By applying IT best practices and standards, ITIQ's Managed IT Service provides a cost effective means of ensuring efficient continual operation of your systems and access to highly trained professionals. Whether you outsource your entire IT Department to ITIQ or use our technical experts to supplement your current IT department, ITIQ has the right services to meet your needs.

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