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Proformative Exchange FAQ

About Proformative Exchange

A simple, trusted platform for collaborative enterprise social procurement.

A comprehensive directory of enterprise products and services.

  • 4,500+ products and services
  • 25+ categories
  • Detailed product descriptions and information
  • Ordered by user ratings and reviews

Detailed features to filter product lists.

  • 20-50 features per category
  • Custom features per category based on research by industry experts
  • Quickly filter product lists to find the perfect fit for your business.

Peer reviews from corporate finance professionals.

  • Every peer review is manually reviewed by Proformative industry experts.
  • Access to Proformative’s network of more than 70,000 corporate finance professionals.
  • No noise or self promotion is allowed, making the reviews thorough and useful.

Interactive and educational product pages.

  • Find whitepapers, videos, resources and more from leading product vendors.
  • Explore detailed product attributes to help in your purchasing decision.
  • Find content from the Proformative community that relates to the product.

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Q: Who Is Proformative?

A: What started as a small group of like-minded CFO's in 2009 has expanded to a community of hundreds of thousands of finance, accounting, and treasury professionals. Now, our users benefit from the aggregated knowledge of today's top financial leaders. For more information, visit our “about us” page.

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Q: Why was the Proformative Exchange created?

A: Over time, we noticed that a majority of our users shared one common question:

"Where can I go to find trustworthy and reliable reviews of financial technology products?"

This spurred the creation of our newest version of the Exchange, a product focused research and review platform for financial technology. By leveraging the aggregated knowledge of our community, we have created the most reliable and in depth financial technology research platform online.

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Q: How are products sorted in Exchange?

A: Proformative uses a “reliability score” which takes into account the average score and number of ratings. In general, the more reviews that are written for a particular product, the more reliable the average review becomes (the power of numbers.) We use this methodology when ordering our reviews.

Because of this algorithm, a product with 3 Four-Star Ratings may outrank a product with 1 Five-Star Rating because of the increased reliability of the aggregate reviews. Since all of our reviews are hand vetted and approved, this approach works very well in providing our users with the most accurate results.

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Q: Does Proformative adjust or remove any negative reviews?

A: Absolutely not. Unless the review contains obscene language or inappropriate messaging we will never remove or adjust negative reviews. Our goal is to provide honest and useful information to our users and we will do everything in our power to deliver.

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Q: How do I trust the reviewers?

A: The advantage of Proformative is the community. You can see a name, title, and company for most reviewers, giving you the trust and confirmation that the review you are reading is legitimate. If there ever is any question to the legitimacy of a review – the Proformative team makes contact with the reviewer and validates the experience represented in the review.

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Q: Who vets the reviews?

A: Reviews are vetted by Proformative team members to ensure that they are useful and accurate. Our main goal is to prevent any undue self promotion or advertising.

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Q: How do I write a review?

A: Writing a review is simple. If you have something to say about a particular product or service, simply become a member of Proformative and click on “Write a Review” on any product page.

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Q: Do you only list products and businesses that pay?

A: No. We list products that are well known and used in their category and add others as needed. Our goal is to make the directory as robust and complete as possible for our users.

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Q: What products are listed?

A: The products listed in the Exchange have been researched and organized by the Proformative team.

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Q: How can I list my company/product?

A: Contact Proformative for more information about listing your company or product.

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Q: Where do the product details come from?

A: Product information is researched by the Proformative team. We actively work to make sure information is up to date, so that our users can get the most accurate and useful information.

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Q: Why do some products and companies have extra information such as videos, white-papers, and resources?

A: Our customers can elect to enhance their listing and add relevant resources that will help our users explore the product in more detail. We coordinate with our listed companies to ensure the information is not overly self-promotional.

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