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The 5 Keys to Delivering Better Forecasts, Faster

Date: Thursday, March 13, 2014
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT There are no CPE Credits for this Solution Demonstration.
A car travels where you steer it. A business is no different. Rapid and accurate forecasting allows your company to quickly envision a future and act to drive results. In too many companies forecasting is a rote exercise that adds time and effort, but not results. Rapid and accurate forecasting allows a company to quickly envision a future and act to drive results . This webinar will focus on how companies are redefining processes and leveraging technology to deliver forecasts that facilitate better decision making across the enterprise. Attendees will discover the 7 common symptoms of "Forecasting Illness" and 5 key pillars in building accurate forecasts.
After attending this event you will be able to:
Discover actionable advice to deliver strategic value from the forecasting efforts at your company
Understand how to define a good forecast at your company in terms of duration, accuracy and other key variables
Discover 7 specific factors that negatively impact forecasting performance


Melissa McFarland, Director of Accounting, Serena Software
Melissa McFarland
Director of Accounting, Serena Software
Melissa McFarland is the Director of Accounting at Serena Software where she manages the audit, accounting, and accounts receivable. She and her team use Anaplan for P&L, forecast maintenance revenue, and the annual budget process. Prior to Serena, Melissa was the Senior Accountant at Synopsys. She holds a degree in Accounting from Oregon State University.
Steve Player, Director, BBRT North America, Managing Director, The Player Group
Steve Player
Director, BBRT North America, Managing Director, The Player Group
Steve Player serves as the North America Program Director for the Beyond Budgeting Round Table (BBRT) and works with BBRT member companies to implement continuous planning processes. He has over 30 years experience with improving performance management and implementing strategic planning processes. He is also the Managing Director of Beyond EPS Advisors, a Business consulting firm, and founder of ABM SMART.

He is the co-author of Future Ready: How to Master Business Forecasting and Beyond Performance Management as well as five other books. He writes the “Finance Transformation” column for Business Finance Magazine featuring CFO interviews from leading organizations on innovative finance and planning processes.
Nathan Tiller, Director of Finance, Serena Software
Nathan Tiller
Director of Finance, Serena Software
Nathan Tiller is the Director of Finance at Serena Software, where he manages the Corporate Finance and Sales Operations teams. With over sixteen years of direct experience, Nathan is responsible for the variety of financial functions that are critical to the success of Serena. Nathan hosts a B.A. From Rice University and a M.A. From University of Minnesota.
Moderated by: Ernie Humphrey, Educational Programs Leader, Proformative
Moderated by: Ernie Humphrey
Educational Programs Leader, Proformative
Ernie currently serves as the CEO of 360 Thought Leadership Consulting and as the Educational Programs Leader for Proformative. 360 Thought Leadership Consulting helps companies define and unlock the strategic value of their thought leadership programs by delivering comprehensive marketing services and business development strategy consulting. Previously Ernie served as the Vice President, Educational & Marketing Programs for Proformative. Ernie has overseen the content and execution of over 200 events designed to further the careers of finance and accounting leaders and related professionals. Formerly, Ernie served as the Director of Treasury Services and as a Director of the Corporate Treasurers Council for the Association for Financial Professionals. Ernie has extensive experience in the areas of educational program development and execution, online marketing, website content management, international cash management, and acquisition integration. Ernie has a BS and MS in Economics both from Purdue University.


Event Sponsor Anaplan
Anaplan - Anaplan the leader of cloud-based, in-memory business modeling and planning for sales, operations, and finance. We built our platform from the ground up to empower companies to plan, collaborate and act—in real-time. Unlike legacy planning tools, Anaplan delivers what you’ve always needed in a planning solution—powerful modeling, adaptability on the fly, engaged users, and real-time performance no matter the data volume and complexity. Anaplan enables business users across your organization to turn the complexity of your business operations into powerful, easy-to-use models. Stay ahead of critical business events, rapidly model potential impacts and course correct on the fly. With Anaplan’s cloud-based platform, you can continuously align your people, plans and spend to your market opportunities.
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There are no CPE Credits for this Solution Demonstration.