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Aligning HR & Finance: How ReddyIce Transformed to Market Leader

Date: Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT There are no CPE Credits for this Solution Demonstration.
Effectively managing resources is challenging for any company, and a lack of visibility into information on operational factors that impact margins and drive demand makes it nearly impossible. Despite the fact that companies dedicate 36 percent of revenues to human capital, many accept having less than 20/20 vision into the return they’re getting from this huge investment. How are companies leveraging technology to enable systems across the enterprise (from HR to Finance) to communicate with each other to deliver the real-time information company leaders need to optimize company investments, and the consumption of company resources.

Join us as Elliott Lester, VP of IT at ReddyIce shares how his company was able to leverage enterprise-wide visibility to break down operational silos, transform processes, improve product margins, and develop actionable metrics to drive the allocation of key company resources to transform from a company on the brink of extinction to a market leader with sustainable competitive advantage.

Manish Patel, Global Vice President of Collaborative Solutions, will join Elliott in sharing actionable advice for companies to leverage in:

  • Identifying the metrics that really impact business and help drive demand
  • Building flexible resource gap analysis models with real-time consumable data
  • Understanding when to incorporate unstructured external data to improve resource and product demand predictability
  • Gain a real-time view of headcount by integrating key human capital management data (HCM) into your company’s financial planning environment
After attending this event you will be able to:
Understand the technology and techniques that allow disparate business systems to communicate with each other effectively to give companies enterprise-wide visibility into key data
How to identify opportunities to improve the allocation of key company resources
Identify the data your company needs to more effectively forecast factors that impact your company’s margins and product demand and how it’s done


Elliott Lester, VP of IT, ReddyIce
Elliott Lester
VP of IT, ReddyIce
As a Senior Executive Leader, Elliott has over 20 years of experience leading enterprise transformation, operational risk, strategic sourcing, vendor management, and IT projects in large corporations. Elliott is currently the Vice President of IT at ReddyIce as well as part of the turn around team at Centerbridge.
Manish Patel, Global Vice President, Collaborative Solutions
Manish Patel
Global Vice President, Collaborative Solutions
Manish is a global executive with over 20 years of experience working with Fortune 1000 companies to drive change. He is currently responsible for revenue at Collaborative Solutions, one of the top Workday consulting partners, and over the past three years he has continuously achieved growth. Manish has helped companies such as Bank of America, DLJ, Charles Schwab, SAP, and many others expand their capacity to delivery technology projects and ensure long term adoption of their new solutions. He has worked with teams over 100 people to successfully deploy global systems and retire legacy applications, resulting in large-scale benefits for organizations.
Moderated by: Ernie Humphrey, Educational Programs Leader, Proformative
Moderated by: Ernie Humphrey
Educational Programs Leader, Proformative
Ernie currently serves as the CEO of 360 Thought Leadership Consulting and as the Educational Programs Leader for Proformative. 360 Thought Leadership Consulting helps companies define and unlock the strategic value of their thought leadership programs by delivering comprehensive marketing services and business development strategy consulting. Previously Ernie served as the Vice President, Educational & Marketing Programs for Proformative. Ernie has overseen the content and execution of over 200 events designed to further the careers of finance and accounting leaders and related professionals. Formerly, Ernie served as the Director of Treasury Services and as a Director of the Corporate Treasurers Council for the Association for Financial Professionals. Ernie has extensive experience in the areas of educational program development and execution, online marketing, website content management, international cash management, and acquisition integration. Ernie has a BS and MS in Economics both from Purdue University.


Event Sponsor Tidemark
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There are no CPE Credits for this Solution Demonstration.