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The Art (and some Science) of Great FP&A

Date: Thursday, August 27, 2015
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT
Predicting business performance is the ultimate goal of any FP&A process, but how FP&A is executed within the organization is the art that can fulfill corporate profit expectations and lead to long-term success. This webinar will review leading FP&A best practices that you can use in to build your FP&A success story.

The webinar will discuss how:
  • Leading companies choose to structure their FP&A teams for success
  • The best FP&A teams know that all performance is relative and that the FP&A journey is as important as the destination
  • Your worst competitors are the ones you don't know about yet - FP&A is as much about strategy and research as it is pure finance
  • Analyzing financial forecast accuracy improves almost everything you do in FP&A

Attendees will be far better armed with both strategic and tactical approaches to great FP&A.
After attending this event you will be able to:
Detail key FP&A strategies in highly effective finance organizations
Identify both art and science elements and approaches to FP&A, and why they both matter
Recognize how people, process and technology play in effective FP&A strategy


 Kenneth Fick, CPA, MBA, CFO and VP of Finance & Analysis, Dreamscape Marketing LLC
Kenneth Fick, CPA, MBA
CFO and VP of Finance & Analysis, Dreamscape Marketing LLC
Kenneth’s experience includes positions within finance, accounting, management and consulting where he has led critical business planning, forensic analysis and strategy initiatives. As a senior leader, financial expert and business partner, Kenneth builds enterprise value by moving ideas from concept to execution by partnering with sales, marketing and operations to identify new revenue streams and profit opportunities that increase EBITDA and expand the business footprint. His prior experience has included leading the company-wide annual budget and quarterly re-forecasting process for a billion dollar marketing communications company that delivered inventive advertising, direct marketing and interactive solutions to prominent brands across North America. He has managed teams responsible for leading corporate and business level analytics including coordinating and leading the annual financial and capital budgeting process, various ad-hoc and standard reporting to senior management and board level executives. Currently, he is the CFO, VP of Finance & Analysis for Dreamscape Marketing, LLC a digital marketing company focused on the specialty medical market. Prior to Dreamscape, he was the Managing Director of a funded start-up consulting firm focused on CFPB compliance for non-depository mortgage banks.
Moderated by: Blair Cook, Corporate Director, Clarke Inc.
Moderated by: Blair Cook
Corporate Director, Clarke Inc.
Blair Cook is a many-time CFO, corporate director, and educator working with dozens of public and private companies; and professional bodies and post-secondary institutions across Canada.

His career is divided between academic endeavors, such as developing the new certification program for CPA Canada, and working in the corporate world at the highest levels. As an academic-practitioner, he’s a life-long learner who observes and experiments with various financial and management theories in real world context. He shares stories of success and lessons learned to others who share a passion for developing financial leadership competency. Blair’s focus in recent years has been to define and develop a career path for financial professionals aspiring to the Office of the CFO.


Event Sponsor Tidemark
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