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Don’t Just Manage Your Business. Grow it with Corporate Performance Management 2.0.

Date: Thursday, September 14, 2017
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT There are no CPE Credits for this Solution Demonstration.
In the last 10 years, we have all seen huge advances in our personal lives due to new technologies such as the web, Google, Apps, smart devices and the ever-growing reach of reliable fast Wi-Fi. At work, it’s a different story. Most of us are still running the same systems, with the same problems, bottlenecks, inefficiencies and frustrations as we had in the 90’s. It’s time to streamline.

Welcome to the future of Reporting + Analytics + Planning for Growth and Success, or, as we like to call it, Corporate Performance Management 2.0. Your business needs real-time answers and insights so that you can make decisions quickly and confidently but you don’t have the time (or interest) in long term projects and generic solutions.

From Finance to HR, Procurement to Payables, you should be able to report, analyze and plan for your organization…all from a single source of the truth. A key hallmark of CPM 2.0 is that it’s built to understand your key business systems, so you get valuable live results in days, not months (or years!). In this 60-minute webinar with John Brooks and Julie Holmes, we’ll show you the Hubble solution that will dramatically increase visibility across departments and transform your business.

Hubble by is an integrated suite of business performance management apps for JD Edwards and Oracle E-Business Suite.
After attending this event you will be able to:
Understand the game changing technology that has allowed CPM 2.0 to exist
Identify the benefits that CPM 2.0 will bring all across the organization
Plan a rapid CPM 2.0 project, with fast Time To Value and ROI


John Brooks, Director, Hubble
John Brooks
Director, Hubble
John has worked in the JD Edwards World and Enterprise1 arena since 1990. In the mid 90’s John spent 2 years in JDE’s Denver HQ working in the Heavy Tech and OneWorld (E1) teams until he returned to Europe in time for the E1 product launch. John joined 11 years ago as a Director in EMEA, and assists customers in Europe to get the most from their investment in Hubble.
Julie Holmes, Vice President of Product Marketing, Hubble
Julie Holmes
Vice President of Product Marketing, Hubble
Julie Holmes brings her enthusiasm, passion and 18+ years of ERP/Analytics experience to every conversation. With an international background in ERP implementation specializing in Finance, she has the systems expertise to understand the technology. Add to that her time spent as a Financial Systems Director where she acutely felt the pain of getting the right answers to the business and her motivation becomes clear.
Moderated by: Liz Parsons, Senior Client Success Manager, Argyle Executive Forum
Moderated by: Liz Parsons
Senior Client Success Manager, Argyle Executive Forum
Liz is a Senior Client Success Manager at Argyle Executive Forum. In her current role, Liz is responsible for working directly with Argyle’s partners to successfully manage and execute client campaigns. She focuses on the Proformative and CFO Publishing divisions of the business. Prior to joining Argyle, Liz previously worked as a Senior Business Operations Analyst at Natixis Global Asset Management. A graduate of Babson College, and a Boston native, Liz currently resides in West Orange, NJ with her husband and daughter Hannah.


Event Sponsor Hubble
Hubble - Hubble is an integrated suite of performance management apps from It offers reporting, analytics, and planning in a single, real-time solution that fully understands your ERP. Hubble integrates your critical business systems so users at all levels have access to live data- extraordinarily fast. With this type of visibility, everyone can easily understand, manage, and predict the business.

There are no CPE Credits for this Solution Demonstration.