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Using Real-Time Financial Benchmarks to Drive Dynamic Decision-Making and Action

Date: Tuesday, November 25, 2014
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST There are no CPE Credits for this Solution Demonstration.
Financial and operational planning has long been critical to a company’s success. More recently, advances in cost-effective systems are allowing companies of all sizes to move from static planning to dynamic, “relative” performance systems. By incorporating the latest information on market and industry conditions, firms improve decision-making and react more effectively to rapidly changing market dynamics.

For quite some time companies have attempted to benchmark themselves against their competition and relevant industry peers to optimize their performance. Unfortunately, until recently this type of benchmarking has been costly and time-consuming at best. These barriers are finally being broken down by cloud-based benchmarking solutions, which combine real-time data acquisition with modern data science.

Join Niels Pflaeging and Jon Kondo to explore how cloud-based benchmarking solutions are enabling companies to adopt “relative” performance systems and dynamic financial and operational plans that account for, and react in real-time to, rapidly changing market and peer data. They will describe specifically how these techniques can enable any company to move from budgeting and allocations to decentralized, on-demand decision-making and achieve:

  • Increased timeliness and quality of thinking and decision-making across finance and operations
  • Enhanced alignment between sales, finance, and HR
  • Improved resource utilization, including human capital and physical inventory
After attending this event you will be able to:
Identify the benefits of self-setting, continuous, “relative” performance systems and on-demand decision-making for your company
Learn how to develop the right benchmarks and associated peer groups for your company to maximize the value of your investment in real-time benchmarking
Understand how to use real-time benchmarks to produce continuous dialog and reflection, and deliver the information company leaders need to develop and maintain competitive advantage


Niels Pflaeging, Author, Influencer, Advisor on Leadership Transformation
Niels Pflaeging
Author, Influencer, Advisor on Leadership Transformation
Niels Pflaeging is founder and associate of the BetaCodex Network, and president of his own consulting firm based in New York and Wiesbaden/Germany. Prior to BetaCodex Network, Niels served as director with the prestigious Beyond Budgeting Round Table for five years. Since 2006, Niels has been strongly involved in transformational change projects in Europe and the Americas. Niels has more than 10 years of consulting experience and frequently teaches at academic institutions in Europe. A prolific author, his books, Leading with flexible Targets. Beyond Budgeting in Practice and Organize for Complexity: How to Get Life Back Into Work to Build the High-Performance Organization were both critically well-received bestsellers.
Jon Kondo, Sr. Software Executive and Advisor
Jon Kondo
Sr. Software Executive and Advisor
Jon Kondo is a senior software executive. He who currently advises multiple startup companies as they develop their go-to market strategies and work to achieve scale. He spent much of his career on the revenue side of the house building and leading sales teams both domestically and worldwide. Jon was previously CEO of Host Analytics, the leading SaaS Enterprise Performance Management solution. Prior to that he held various senior roles at leading EPM solutions provider Hyperion Solutions—at the time the market leading EPM solutions provider. Jon has worked directly with some of the world’s largest companies on their enterprise performance management solutions.
Moderated by: Ernie Humphrey, Educational Programs Leader, Proformative
Moderated by: Ernie Humphrey
Educational Programs Leader, Proformative
Ernie currently serves as the CEO of 360 Thought Leadership Consulting and as the Educational Programs Leader for Proformative. 360 Thought Leadership Consulting helps companies define and unlock the strategic value of their thought leadership programs by delivering comprehensive marketing services and business development strategy consulting. Previously Ernie served as the Vice President, Educational & Marketing Programs for Proformative. Ernie has overseen the content and execution of over 200 events designed to further the careers of finance and accounting leaders and related professionals. Formerly, Ernie served as the Director of Treasury Services and as a Director of the Corporate Treasurers Council for the Association for Financial Professionals. Ernie has extensive experience in the areas of educational program development and execution, online marketing, website content management, international cash management, and acquisition integration. Ernie has a BS and MS in Economics both from Purdue University.


Event Sponsor Compass
Compass - Compass provides leaders with a unique and revolutionary value proposition: real-time benchmarks and industry insights on key financial and operational metrics. It has quickly become a trusted source of information and a leader in business performance benchmarking, with more than 34,000 companies participating from around the world, mainly in the software/tech sector.
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There are no CPE Credits for this Solution Demonstration.