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Foreign Exchange Technology Reviews

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Currency Reviews
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Currency provides up-to-date currency exchange rates, so you always know how much your money is worth. Currencies are provided for over 180 countries, so you will always be able to find out the value of local money when you are traveling.
CashPro FX Reviews
CashPro FX
CashPro FX delivers the market-leading global currencies expertise and execution you expect from Bank of America Merrill Lynch, now fully integrated into the comprehensive suite of capabilities available to you on CashPro Online. As a web-based
CGI Chapel WebFX Reviews
CGI Chapel WebFX
Java-based environment that enables financial institutions to extend web-trading and payment functionality to their clients in a cost effective manner and seamlessly integrates to up-stream liquidity providers. ChapelTM WebFX: Allows banks to
CGI FX Product Suite Reviews
CGI FX Product Suite
CGI’s Foreign Exchange Suite is built and supported by industry specialists. Its robust feature set allows financial institutions at all tiers to easily meet the most stringent demands of the front office, the back office, and their customers. By
Portfolio Risk Management  Reviews
Portfolio Risk Management
Standard & Poor's Portfolio Risk Management offers a wide variety of products and services designed to help financial professionals measure, monitor, and manage their portfolio credit risk. These services help address a wide array of current
Thomson Reuters Dealing Reviews
Thomson Reuters Dealing
Thomson Reuters Dealing is the world's leading peer-to-peer conversational trading application, with a community of over 18,000 professionals. Its powerful functionality enables you to contact your counterparties fast and efficiently, across a highly
Thomson Reuters Forward Matching Reviews
Thomson Reuters Forward Matching
Thomson Reuters Forward Matching is an anonymous electronic matching application for the forward foreign exchange swap market. It provides real-time executable prices for 36 currency pairs and tenors ranging from overnight to one year. It is
Thomson Reuters Matching for Prime Brokerage Reviews
Thomson Reuters Matching for Prime Brokerage
Get anonymous direct market access via a prime broker. With Thomson Reuters Matching for Prime Brokerage, prime broker clients can trade on Thomson Reuters Matching in the name of (and with the credit of) a prime broker. Clients can trade spot
Thomson Reuters Spot Matching Reviews
Thomson Reuters Spot Matching
Find liquidity easily. Thomson Reuters Spot Matching is the leading anonymous electronic trade matching system for the interbank community. With over 1,100 subscriber banks, it offers unbiased access to real-time executable process on 54 spot
Portfolio Risk Management
Standard & Poor's Portfolio Risk Management offers a wide variety of products and services designed to help financial professionals measure, monitor, and manage their portfolio credit risk. These services help address a wide array of current
FX e-commerce Reviews
FX e-commerce
Liquidity in today’s foreign exchange (FX) market is distributed across multiple ECNs and banks. Determining which venue offers the deepest liquidity and tightest spreads for any currency is not easy. To get an accurate picture, banks must constantly
D-3 Pricing System Reviews
D-3 Pricing System
D-3 Pricing System is a sophisticated rate engine for Foreign Exchange spot and forwards as well as Money Market instruments. Eight of FX Week´s 2007 Top 30 Banks are already using D-3 to assure the supply of their trading platform with authentic
TwoFour FX Reviews
TwoFour FX
Features & Benefits A contemporary software solution providing a componentized, integrated front-to-back-office solution to banks, brokers, FCMs and asset managers of all sizes TwoFour can be deployed in an ASP model or be self-hosted by the
EGAR Focus Foreign Exchange
FOCUS FX module provides a comprehensive front-to-back trading and risk management solution for managing portfolios of both over-the-counter and exchange-traded FX instruments (FX spot/forwards, FX Swaps, FX Futures, FX Baskets, FX EFP) as well as
CLS Third Party Service Reviews
CLS Third Party Service
CLS (Continuous Linked Settlement) Bank provides a global settlement system that reduces bank and systemic risk. Achieving significant reduction in settlement exposures requires a critical mass of settlement value. CLS members need to settle trades
Travelex delivers currency services for partners around the world, including more than 1500 financial institutions solely in North America. Travelex’s years of experience, knowledge and working relationship with all partner groups has resulted in
Spectrum FX Branch Portal
Spectrum's FX Branch Portal is a web-based portal that allows banks to offer a comprehensive range of foreign exchange products through their branch networks. Using secure communications over the internet, the Spectrum FX Branch Portal efficiently
Spectrum FX Dealing Portal
Spectrum's FX Dealing Portal is an internet banking portal that provides a direct bank-to-customer channel so that a bank's customers can obtain competitive and executable FX quotes. The Spectrum FX Dealing Portal is designed for banks that want to
Spectrum FX Payments Portal
Spectrum's FX Payments Portal is an internet banking portal that allows banks' customers to easily and efficiently prepare and process foreign currency payments. The Spectrum FX Payments Portal is designed for banks that want to offer their customers
Spectrum FX Reporting Portal
The FX Reporting Portal is an internet portal that provides near-real-time updates of clients' FX transactions, positions, risk and profits and losses. The FX Reporting Portal is a powerful value-added tool for communicating FX transaction, position,
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