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Compliance 360 Reviews
Compliance 360
1 Rating
The Compliance 360 solution provides a broad platform for addressing your comprehensive GRC requirements and protecting your brand. Widely deployed in highly regulated industries, this cost-effective, SaaS-based solution assists more than 250,000
MetricStream Risk Management  Reviews
MetricStream Risk Management
1 Rating
Gaining visibility into and control over the multitude of internal and external risks is one of the top priorities of corporations today. With a recent jump in regulatory mandates and increasingly active shareholders, many organizations have become
SAP GRC Access Approver Reviews
SAP GRC Access Approver
Boost productivity by ensuring that authorized employees have timely access to the systems they need to do their jobs. With SAP GRC Access Approver, managers can review and approve time-sensitive and mission-critical access requests from their mobile
SAP GRC Policy Survey Reviews
SAP GRC Policy Survey
Stay on top of the policies that affect how you do business. With our policy app, SAP GRC Policy Survey, employees on the go can review and acknowledge relevant policy changes – and take surveys to develop a better understanding of new implications –
Perform FPC Reviews
Perform FPC
Perform for Private Clients (Perform FPC) is a powerful portfolio management tool specifically for managers in the private account business. While delivering all the analytic power of the standard Perform platform, Perform FPC also includes many
Learning Cloud  Reviews
Learning Cloud
Cornerstone Compliance solutions automate the administration and oversight of compliance management processes to ensure your organization's in line with the latest regulatory requirements. Our Compliance module provides clear, real-time visibility
BWise Reviews
BWise Risk Management is a software solution that supports the end-to-end risk management process and is part of the BWise integrated Governance, Risk management, and Compliance Platform. BWise covers all aspects of the risk management process,
Courion Access Risk Management Suite  Reviews
Courion Access Risk Management Suite
While you need to be a juggler to handle the demands of running a business today, we make it easy for you to solve your most complex identity and access management, risk and compliance challenges — getting you up and running in record time and
Cura GRC Platform Reviews
Cura GRC Platform
In today's fast-paced global economy, with emerging threats coupled with ever more regulations, organizations are finding that better management of Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) information is leading to better-run businesses. Because there is
GRC & Audit Enterprise Suite Reviews
GRC & Audit Enterprise Suite
DoubleCheck is a leader in delivering exceptional GRC software used by enterprise clients for Governance, Risk Management, Compliance Management and Audit. Our priorities are clear: Offer The Best GRC & Audit Software Tools. Our tools are
Portfolio Genius Reviews
Portfolio Genius
Portfolio Genius, our core system, integrates with existing subsystems, processes transactions, collects data, and allows for the flexible distribution of data output in the form of reports and file extracts. You can view data at any stage of
VectorVest 7 Canada  Reviews
VectorVest 7 Canada
VectorVest 7 Canada comes in three formats, End of Day, IntraDay and RealTime. VectorVest 7 Canada analyzes, sorts, ranks and graphs over 3,400 stocks using 41 parameters. It provides Buy, Sell and Hold recommendations on every stock, every day. Most
SecureAware Reviews
Today, risk management continues to emerge as a key element of both corporate and IT governance best practices. Public and private sector companies alike need to be continually aware of their operational risks. In fact, for many organizations, normal
Scout  Reviews
Scout is a risk management solution designed specifically for banks and credit unions. Our software provides an easy, turnkey way to manage information security and meet federal regulations for the financial industry. Every step of the way, as you
@RISK Reviews
Everyone would like answers to these types of questions. Armed with that kind of information, you could take a lot of guesswork out of big decisions and plan strategies with confidence. With @RISK, you can answer these questions and more – right in
ECSA3 Reviews
ECSA3 software is used not only for financial risk management but for all of the controls that mitigate operational risk as well. As the risk management software is able to assign Control Items to individuals in roles or positions, Control Items can
Rollup  Reviews
This versatile, Excel-based tool aggregates selected prospect assessment data to show you the range of possible outcomes in the modeled portfolio. These results in turn can be compared against your important exploration metrics such as estimates of
Policy Manager Reviews
Policy Manager
MCN Healthcare makes your job easier by streamlining the policy management activities that ensure accreditation compliance. Policy Manager is a robust document control and workflow management software solution that simplifies and automates policy
Oracle Crystal Ball Reviews
Oracle Crystal Ball
Failing to include the impact of uncertainty and risk in your analyses can derail your financial plans. Most financial spreadsheets and other data analysis tools lack the functionality, capacity, and power required for successful financial
PortfolioRunner Reviews
PortfolioRunner is a complete toolbox for a self guided investor. If you want to take the control over your investments then we're here to help. PortfolioRunner will guide you through the whole process of stock investing — getting new investment
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