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Intellectual Property Legal Services Reviews
Intellectual Property Legal Services
Our practice spans a broad range of clearance, prosecution, transactions, litigation and dispute resolution. Our intellectual-property clients are diverse in size and enterprise, ranging from Fortune 500 global corporations to local businesses and
Revstream Cloud Reviews
Revstream Cloud
Unlike traditional one-time purchase or annual-fee models, today’s wide variety of subscription business models is creating significant complexity for Finance professionals, even for small companies who are just building their subscriber base.
Revenue Intelligence  Reviews
Revenue Intelligence
RevPro’s Revenue Intelligence enhances the core capabilities found in Revenue Reporting by extending operational report capabilities and adding performance analytics dashboards – giving key decision makers up-to-the-minute revenue
ACL" Analytics Exchange Reviews
ACL™ Analytics Exchange
ACL Analytics Exchange (AX) is a highly flexible server-based technology that supports ad hoc and repetitive analysis right through to continuous transaction monitoring and presentation of results. Centralized data extraction, analysis and reporting
ACL" Direct Link Reviews
ACL™ Direct Link
ACL Direct Link for SAP® provides direct and seamless access to SAP data. Direct Link is an SAP-certified product, written in ABAP that goes directly against the SAP system. It allows you to get to your tables directly, pull them outside of your SAP
APQC Membership Reviews
APQC Membership
Access the world’s largest database of benchmarks and best practices. Measure performance and identify areas to improve with immediate access to validated benchmarks, business drivers, and best practices. Use APQC’s Knowledge Base to quickly find
Rapid Performance Assessments Reviews
Rapid Performance Assessments
High-level assessments to see how you compare in key functional areas. If you’d like to see how your organization’s high-level functional performance compares with your peers’, choose one of our Rapid Performance Assessments. More than 20
Open Standards Benchmarking Assessments Reviews
Open Standards Benchmarking Assessments
Detailed assessments to find out how you compare at the process level. If you’ve identified a particular process that needs attention and want to know the extent of that process’s performance gap, complete an Open Standards Benchmarking Assessment.
APQCs Process Classification Framework Reviews
APQC’s Process Classification Framework
APQC's Process Classification FrameworkSM (PCF), at its simplest level, is a list that organizations use to define work processes comprehensively and without redundancies. Beyond being just a list, the PCF serves as a tool to support benchmarking,
Benchmarks on Demand Reviews
Benchmarks on Demand
The data you want. Right now. Get immediate access to the benchmarks of your choice. Select one or more metrics, apply peer group cuts to filter the data set to your liking, and view instant results from our database without having to provide any of
V-Pay Express Reviews
V-Pay Express
A simple way to pay up to 50 vendors electronically on a monthly basis. Includes Card and ACH payment options, vendor research and enrollment and a simple interface with the ePay Network to upload and manage vendor payments. For clients that
The McGladrey Classic Reviews
The McGladrey Classic
The McGladrey Classic drives home McGladrey’s philosophy that – whether in the boardroom or on the golf course – the power of any relationship comes through understanding. The McGladrey Classic is a PGA TOUR tournament played on historic Sea Island
Wealth Management Services Reviews
Wealth Management Services
No matter what your financial needs may be, RSM McGladrey Wealth Management can bring the required resources together to meet them, offering the following services: investment advisory services (fee-only), financial and estate planning, succession
Consulting Services Reviews
Consulting Services
McGladrey consultants are focused on listening to your needs. Our services are designed to help you succeed. Companies today face a myriad of complex business challenges. To help navigate through these challenges, we offer cost-effective services in
Integrated Travel Booking Reviews
Integrated Travel Booking
Your end-to-end travel booking solution built to simplify corporate travel for both the employee and the manager while providing low rates on airfare, hotels and rental vehicles.
Lease4000 Reviews
Lease4000 provides complete control over finance and operating leases used to acquire assets and inventory items, as well as effectively manages domain name registration, website contracts, and software support agreements.
Maintenance4000 Reviews
A comprehensive, functionally-rich computerized maintenance management system that manages all planned, unplanned and preventative maintenance associated with fixed assets.
Help4000 Reviews
Help4000 is a centralized system for recording reports of problems with fixed assets inventory and stock items.
Worlflow4000 Reviews
Worlflow4000 is a Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) tool that can be layered over any of the Real Asset Management Series4000 modules.
Replicon Shared Services Management  Reviews
Replicon Shared Services Management
The Replicon Shared Services Management helps organizations improve visibility into cost and usage of the shared service functions and get better at resource allocation to internal projects. Optimize economies of scale of the shared services
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