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ADAPA Reviews
ADAPA is the first standards-based, real-time scoring engine available on the market and the first scoring engine accessible on the Amazon Cloud as a service. ADAPA on the Amazon Cloud combines the benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS), the
​AURA Reviews
AURA is a global leader in automated underwriting. ​Life insurers, banks and financial institutions all over the globe use AURA to complement their existing underwriting process. AURA approves "clean" cases and routes more difficult cases to
BarraOne Reviews
Powered by the Barra Integrated Model, a common factor model covering 59 equity and 48 fixed income markets, BarraOne helps risk managers identify the fundamental market characteristics driving volatility. Multiple views of risk are provided,
CCRM Reviews
CCRM is a Counterparty, Contract, Collateral and Credit Risk Management System software application. CCRM is easy to use, has elegant architecture, priced appropriately & functionally unique. CCRM offers complete business functionality because it has
Credit Risk Migration Analyzer (CRMA) Reviews
Credit Risk Migration Analyzer (CRMA)
CRMA (Credit Risk Migration Analyzer), CRM's proprietary solution provides a meaningful break from linking historical net charge-offs to estimates of future defaults and losses. The Company's process flexes for a forward looking stress testing and
eVALUator Reviews
eVALUator is an easy-to-use Windows based program that calculates the lifecycle benefits of investments that improve building design. It analyzes the financial benefits from buildings that reduce energy cost, raise employee productivity, and enhance
EXPO  Reviews
EXPO is a powerful, advanced analytics and decision support platform designed to meet the demanding requirements of professional traders, analysts, and portfolio managers. EXPO uniquely provides: Open Data Access EXPO's open data access means that
F3 SDK Reviews
Enhance your existing systems or accelerate your time to market with new applications, by leveraging the power of F3 SDK. Designed for the ultimate in modeling flexibility and ease of integration, F3 SDK helps you scale today's most advanced
FileHandler Reviews
FileHandler is a .NET, browser-based multi-line claims administration system designed to support carriers, third-party administrators, public entities and self insured organizations in administering claims for all lines of business including workers
Findur Reviews
Findur offers complete transaction lifecycle support for trading, investing, hedging and funding multiple asset classes, including interest rates, credit, currencies, equities and commodities. The solution also includes comprehensive treasury
iBalance Reviews
Rebalancing solution - Many portfolio rebalancing problems are simply too complex for humans and software programming tools like spreadsheets. The iBalanceTM rebalancing capability relies on its Overlay and Optimization Techniques to solve the most
Identity Resolution Engine (IRE) Reviews
Identity Resolution Engine (IRE)
Austin-based Infoglide Software Corporation, a leader in identity resolution and entity analytics solutions for government and commercial markets, has released a new version of its Identity Resolution Engine (IRE) software. The new version (3.3) is
Investment Management System (IMS)  Reviews
Investment Management System (IMS)
Investment Management System (IMS) is a powerful portfolio-management and accounting solution that utilizes state-of-the-art technology to deliver a superior solution for asset managers, mutual funds, insurance companies and pension plans. IMS’
iTrade Reviews
In today’s world of fast moving markets, demanding customers, and the primacy of cash, successful trading companies must master three critical skills: trading, operational efficiency, and effective management oversight. iRely’s iTrade software
Dakota Metrics  Reviews
Dakota Metrics
Dakota Metrics is an enterprise-level solution for monitoring and analyzing carbon management, EHS and company-specific sustainability initiatives. With its comprehensive data collection engine and flexible dashboard reporting, Metrics ensures
Global Markets Risk Reviews
Global Markets Risk
While the risk involved with the financial markets is as old as the markets themselves, the ability to accurately measure and effectively manage that risk has yet to evolve. That is, until now. Introducing SS&C's latest financial solution, Global
iTrak Reviews
Incident Reporting & Risk Management System The award-winning iTrak software platform for Incident Reporting and Risk Management automates and integrates your physical security information management reporting needs. iTrak’s intuitive and
Kamakura Risk Manager (KRM) Reviews
Kamakura Risk Manager (KRM)
All major branches of risk management are dependent on the same core analytics techniques. Kamakura recognized this in 1993 when we launched our company as the world’s first vendor to provide a fully integrated enterprise risk management
Lacima Analytics Reviews
Lacima Analytics
Manage energy risk metrics adeptly with Risk Suite. Part of Lacima Analytics, Risk Suite provides a comprehensive range of portfolio risk metrics that can handle the simplest to the most complex requirements, taking into consideration the unique
Mean-variance optimization
Mean-variance optimization (MVO), also known as Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), is a quantitative asset allocation technique which allows you to use diversification to balance the risk and return in your portfolio. Single period MVO was developed in
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