Online Trust Alliance Releases Guide for Enterprise Data Protection

The Online Trust Alliance recently unveiled its 2012 Data Protection & Breach

Most enterprises now realize the importance of establishing detailed data protection policies and updating security software, yet some experts say businesses still aren't doing enough to defend against online threats.

The Online Trust Alliance recently unveiled its 2012 Data Protection & Breach Readiness Guide, a publication designed to educate companies about best practices in data protection, including how to collect, manage and delete information. The report said businesses should minimize extraneous data collection, improve protection technology and create an extensive data loss response plan.

"It really comes down to the collection, use and, in many ways, the misuse of the data," OTA executive director and president Craig Spiezle said in an interview with TechTarget. "Today, with data a digital currency, businesses need to take a more a holistic view of their data policies - how they use it, how they protect it, how they share it."

Spiezle said sophisticated, targeted cyberattacks are the biggest reason data breaches are more prevalent than ever before. Meanwhile, enterprises are storing vast amounts of data across several devices, providing criminals with more opportunities and entry points.

Cybercriminals are responsible for many of the most damaging data breaches, but several recent reports have highlighted the escalation of insider attacks amid a volatile labor market and global economic uncertainties.