Using Customer Service to Build Loyalty

Using Customer Service to Build Loyalty

Good reliable customer service can help businesses build a loyal following. Customer loyalty can provide additional revenue streams and enhance firms' reputations within their markets. The use of Big Data and other business intelligence systems have made loyal customers even more valuable. The information gained from their interactions has provided organizations with the solutions for improving products, marketing campaigns and more.

For these reasons, companies are continually seeking to build an enthusiastic group of promoters. Customer loyalty has become important to all businesses, and is one of the key areas in which firms strive to outdo their rivals. When it comes to providing good service, the firms that are able to build strong relationships with their customers are more likely to maintain a solid core of enthusiastic supporters. Fortunately, the factors that customers consider most important are easily within companies' control.

Product quality and service drive loyalty
A survey by Clickfox found that product quality and customer service were the most important factors to gaining consumer trust. Quickly resolving issues and going beyond customers' expectations may encourage repeat business from patrons, but it in many cases, businesses need to go further than that. Smart Company notes that all organizations are trying to deliver good service, which makes it difficult for it to be a differentiating factor.

In today's business world, it is much more important to focus on engaging customers, which can often mean expanding the number of channels that clients are able to use to resolve their problems. Companies should identify the ways patrons can contact their firms if needed, and clearly communicate these channels to them. This reduces confusion and shows a commitment to service. Expanding into social media and other digital channels can enhance buyers' experiences.

Finding solutions to common problems
In addition to examining and improving contact points, executives may wish to use data management to analyse the overall experience provided to customers. Destination CRM notes that larger firms carefully analyze the solutions they create to solve problems and improve their overall production. The strategy can let companies deliver higher quality products by alleviating common problems.

Most loyal customers will reward organizations by making additional purchases, so addressing customer service issues is well worth the time and cost. Every step of the process should be carefully examined, but most customers give additional weight to their first impressions. The Clickfox survey revealed that 48 percent of customers felt the best time to win their loyalty was when they were making a purchase. A strong sales team will be able to answer questions and make transactions enjoyable experiences.

A revenue recognition process may able to identify alterations in transactions that can indicate improvements to customer service. Quantifying the impact of various strategies on the bottom line provides the information needed to ensure changes are moving firms in the right direction. Businesses that take the time to create a customer-focused culture may just improve their customer loyalty and generate more sales.