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Zycus Contract Management Reviews
Zycus Contract Management
Companies that neglect contract management and allow critical information to remain fragmented, distributed, unstructured, and trapped inside of digital scans, or PDFs expose themselves to multiple legal, market, and procurement return-on-investment
Prodagio Contracts Reviews
Prodagio Contracts
Whether you are trying to improve contract lifecycle management on a departmental level (Sales, HR, Legal, ect.) or across the enterprise, Prodagio Contract ensures complete contract control and compliance for every single one of your contracts.
Contract Manager Reviews
Contract Manager
Revitas Contract Manager helps organizations create and manage their B2B contracts more profitably and more effectively. Revitas transforms contracting from a process-driven task into a strategic, value-add component of business
ScerIS WPS Reviews
ScerIS/WPS provides the platform on which hundreds of solutions are created, including E-forms and other interfaces with host system integration and provides for work management activities and the integration of offline and online processes. The
Dolphin Software Reviews
Dolphin Software
Dolphin Software is the leader in Contract Lifecycle Management software for Microsoft SharePoint platform. Dolphin has developed a world-class contract management software solution for Microsoft SharePoint to help give businesses an easy-to-use
Selectica CLM Reviews
Selectica CLM
As deal volume increases, so does the number of contracts to process. Selectica Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) makes it easy to create contracts, manage them through the review and approval process, and then store them in a repository where you
Sertifi Reviews
Companies of all sizes use Sertifi to get agreements signed faster with eSignatures. Sertifi is the #1 Closing Platform to automate the last mile of the sales process. Organizations that use Sertifi quickly deliver, execute, and track agreements
Symfact Reviews
Symfact is the leading provider of Contract Management and Compliance Management Solutions, enabling enterprise customers around the world to maximize revenues, minimize costs and actively manage contractual terms and risks, all on a single
Track Reviews
Track is the market leading solution for owners and contractors seeking greater cost control, transparency and contract compliance. For two decades, industries from refineries to chemical companies to power plants have been using Track to manage
UpsideContract  Reviews
The process involved with contract management is still largely a manual operation in most organizations. Research from industry analysts says that as much as 2-5% of total annual costs can be saved by eliminating contract inaccuracies and
IntelliContract allows users to streamline the contract management processes, drastically reducing contract management time, and simplifying contract administration. IntelliContract contract management software from IntelliSoft Group is designed to
ITI ProjectView Reviews
ITI ProjectView
Group collaboration yields significant benefits, but brings significant challenges. Making sure everyone is on the same page with the most current files can drain resources and time. ITI’s ProjectView serves as a web-based collaboration tool to keep
Kiersted Portal Reviews
Kiersted Portal
A hub for information-sharing and enhanced communication, Kiersted Portal links the outside world to TeamConnect. Secure access enables you to share information in TeamConnect with people inside or outside your organization. Join others who are
Novatus Contract Management Reviews
Novatus Contract Management
Regardless of industry or size, contracts are among the most important documents managed across the enterprise. Contractual documents are created, negotiated and managed for all mission critical business purposes including procurement, sales,
Omnicom Reviews
Omnicom Features, Functionality, and Benefits The World’s Premier Enterprise Contract Management Software Omnicom provides a centralized contract repository of all contractual agreements, including products, services, labor, and intellectual
Opensource Contract Manager Reviews
Opensource Contract Manager
A strategic resource for your organization Fundamentally improve contract management efficiency and ROI Accelerate contract authoring, reporting, negotiation, approval, and execution Give executives effortless insight into contract risks, rewards,
SharePoint eContracts Reviews
SharePoint eContracts
From contracts creation to review, management of the complete lifecycle, and archiving has never been easier. With this new and innovative product, business users can select from standard templates from a central repository of contracts, add or
Simplify Contracts Reviews
Simplify Contracts
Simplify Contracts - Contract Lifecycle Management Exsellant's next generation platform for managing contracts throughout the entire contract lifecycle, Simplify Contracts 2011, is the most powerful and comprehensive release in Exsellant's 11 year
Contract Lifecycle Management
In today's global environment, companies have a greater dependence on legal agreements and their contract management process. According to the well-known Aberdeen Group study, "42% of enterprises...the top driver for improvements in the management
GEP Contract Reviews
GEP Contract
At any given moment, Global 2000 enterprises manage thousands of active contracts simultaneously.But even lesser volumes can absorb substantial amounts of time, money and attention – and generate a ton of paper work. You can do better. GEP Contract
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