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Proformative Community Conduct and Guidelines For Users

Proformative is a community of like-minded corporate finance and accounting professionals. The reason we are here is to learn from one another. We share our experience, knowledge and resources for our own good and for the benefit of the community. In order to ensure positive, beneficial communication among members, we have set out the following “Community Rules of the road”.

The first things to keep in mind are that we are all professionals, here for our mutual benefit. As professionals, we are expected to act as mature adults and maintain a professional level of discourse and decorum at all times, even (or especially) when we disagree.

The second thing to keep in mind is, in accordance with Proformative’s User Agreement and as a highly practical matter, Proformative reserves all rights to participation of any individual or entity in this community and on this Web site. Proformative may at any time and for any reason suspend, revoke or in any other way at any time restrict any account for any reason or for no reason.

  1. No flaming. Flaming is when someone posts deliberately hostile messages to the community or a member of the community. Remember, finance and accounting are full of grey areas and perfectly intelligent people may disagree. Let the strength of your logic win the day, not emotions.
  2. NO SCREAMING! Okay, I hope this is the last SHOUT we see on this site. A SHOUT IS WHEN YOU TYPE SOMETHING IN ALL CAPS. Proformative is a place for reasonable, intelligent professionals to hold reasonable, intelligent discourse. There is no room for shouting.
  3. No intimidating, bullying, discriminatory or hateful language. No personal attacks, harassment, insults or other verbal abuse.
  4. No self-promotion or promotion of your company’s products, services or other offerings other than in the Service Provider area as a paid service provider adhering to Proformative’s rules and regulations for service providers, or the Jobs area of the site as a job poster adhering to Proformative’s rules and regulations for those posting jobs. This means no advertising, press releases, spam, schemes, promotional materials or any other form of promotion of any kind unless expressly allowed in the User Agreement or a commercial offering of Proformative.
  5. No posting of copyrighted or otherwise confidential or proprietary materials.
  6. No false profiles. Please be you.