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Powerful java-based software application that boasts the ability to index large volumes of documents and view them easily from within the program. 1ACCESS also utilizes the strength and availability of Adobe PDF format that can easily be printed, faxed, and emailed!

“Heads-down” performance driven software with a multitude of keyboard shortcuts.
Modify index keys, re-order pages, delete pages or index keys with approved permissions. Able to view over 1,000 page ERM or COLD documents in just seconds. Search within these documents to locate character strings to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Browse local desktop to index documents on the local PC, without printing or scanning a single piece of paper.
View images in their original format, whether it be a Word, Excel, PDF, or .tif file. No revised document can overwrite an indexed file, thus maintaining the authenticity of each image.
Convert to PDF and combine multiple documents into a single PDF.


Streamline indexing with complex automated capabilities such as persistent keys and barcodes
User Intuitive
Flexibility to define index keys that are meaningful to you
Convert to PDF format for easy distribution

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